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Curriculum | Discovery Zone Kids | United States

Fun & Creativity

Art & Craft

Youngest children are exposed to art several times a week while preschoolers have daily art activities. Some of these are guided activities but most of them are self expressions.

Music & Movement

Music is integrated in many lessons throughout the day with all age groups. Children move with music in class everyday as they learn songs and build their vocabulary. It is also used during transition from one activity to the next.

Everyday Living

Each classroom has an area dedicated to everyday living where children spend time pretend playing. They have dress-up clothes and items you will find in each house. There are also books to explore and pictures to look and learn from in this part of the classroom.


There are blocks and books for infants and many phonological awareness activities for other children to do in large group, small group and individually. Each classroom has a library. Children in older classes also have a dedicated writing center.

Mathematics & Science

Math and other manipulatives make up a big part of the day in each class. Infants simply play with the manipulatives and are talked with while older children have a structured math lesson every day.

Science manipulatives and books are placed in each classroom. A classroom may have a plant or a pet to observe and care for as a group responsibility. Older children have an area of the classroom dedicated to science that is filled with science enrichment activities to learn from teachers and also to self explore.

Outside Play

Children are taken outside to play twice a day where they learn different games and practice gross motor skills. They also learn social skills as they learn to take turns and make friends.

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