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Diverse Learning Environments



Fun all day long!

Each child has his or her own schedule that teachers and caregivers follow. Diaper changes, feeding and playing goes on all day long. Infants learn by constant interactions with the teachers, caregivers and other infants.



A Good Mix of Structure and Free Play!

Teachers create a schedule. There is a scheduled time for eating, diaper changes, naps, structured learning, scheduled indoor and outdoor play and free play. Children are invited to learn during group activities. Teachers and Caregivers go to children and find teachable moments while toddlers are occupied with activities of their choice.



Structured Learning and Exploration!

Teachers create a schedule. There is much more structure to the entire day. The day begins with the breakfast and morning meeting. During the day, instruction takes place in small group, large group and on individual level. There is plenty of  free playtime and outdoor and indoor activities integrated in the day. There is also time for lunch, snack and nap during the day.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities such as dance, soccer, karate, and gymnastics are available throughout the year to children 2.5 years old and up through an outside contractor for a fee.


Getting Ready for School!

PreK Children spend their day most like children in school. Their day starts with a morning meeting when new topics are introduced and ends with an afternoon meeting summarizing the day. The day is filled with exciting activities in seven subjects through center time, small group and independent instructions. There is also time for meals, a short nap and outdoor play. Progress is checked through observation and interaction and recorded all year long.

Before and After Care

Parents may choose to sign up their children for before and after care for an additional fee.

School Age

 Children arrive at different times and enjoy free play, but everything is put back, and breakfast is offered before it is time to go to school. After school, a snack is offered and homework help is provided. Only after that children can freely choose other activities to do while waiting indoors until all children are done with homework. Then the entire group goes outdoor for more fun.


Summer Camp

Ten weeks of summer camp is filled with thematic activities. There may be field trips and guest speakers to enrich the thematic learning. This camp is limited to children 4 years to 12 years of age.

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