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Discovery Zone Kids

Play. Learn. Grow. 

The DZK Approach

Our mission is to promote early learning through hands-on fun and engaging activities.  We seek to create a childcare environment of encouragement and love so that every oppurtunity is met with curiousity.


What Parents Think

“My grandchild went to this facility also I had a couple friends children attend the school. First, the outside was lovely when we drove up to get my grand baby. The security and questioning of who I was was appropriate and on point. The staff was sweet and eager to address any questions that we had. (I always ask many questions of any childcare facility that any of my children attend). The facility was layed out well and the rooms were very clean. Staff was clean and kept hand sanitizer and Kleenex ready available. The facility looked adequately prepared for each age. Can’t rave positively enough. Check them out."


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